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Among the biggest contributors to financial stress for families these days is the high cost of fossil fuels.

AMI Contracting specializes in easing these burdens with high efficiency heating and cooling solutions. Since 1996 we have been making people comfortable, and now with some of the most advanced modeling software and the use of efficiency analysts we save you money in equipment cost (due to reduced requirements) and ultimately on your utility bills.

Have you or anyone you know complained that "it's hot upstairs in the summer and cold in the winter?":

For years code minimum duct systems of the building boom failed to evenly distribute heating and cooling. Besides saving money, our customers enjoy greater comfort with reduced temperature disparities from room to room and floor to floor.

Whether you have a boiler a furnace or a heat pump AMI can save you money. With tax credits as high as 30% and utility company rebates comfort has never been so affordable.

Email or call us today to schedule a free estimate and get started on the road of comfort and savings.

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